Sunday, January 22, 2006

Thank God for Comments.

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I know comments aren't everything. And I don't just post so that others can watch and comment. But lets face it, it is nice to get comments. Now that I am a vlogger it has been really nice to get comments and feedback from other vloggers who have been involved in the vlogging community for a while. It has also been nice to get comments from others who may or may not
(at least not yet)vlog. Thanks for the comments all. They are encouraging. I hope that we can continue in this community of the vlogosphere together and remember to, at least every once and a while, leave a note saying we watched and we enjoyed. Sometimes a good comment just makes for a happy day!
Oh and for those of my friends out there who haven't been able to watch cause you don't have QuickTime yet this link is for you: Click for Windows Media File.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Drive a Truck But Not Like This

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While driving my car to Albany, I couldn't help notice this truck ahead of me. The sight was a little strange to see and I thought it might make an interesting short video. Can you figure out how this trucker does this?

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Finding the Video that Got Me Started.

In my previous post, I mentioned a lesson on video blogging taught by Aaron given at the college I take classes from that got me interested in vlogging. It was probably more like 8-9 months ago that I actually saw it, (I guess that's kinda close to a year). If you'd like to see this video yourself do a search for "Videoblog Killed the TV Star The Emergence of the Vlog" over at Google Video.
I would have posted links to those sites but I was unsure if they would cause those videos to come up in my feed and the video I am referring to above is over 1hour long and may not be one you'd like in your hard drive due to its size.
In this video Aaron shares his ideas about the use of vlogs, including his thoughts about its use regarding evangelism, the content in vlogs, how to vlog, commentary on some of his vlogs and some of the others he has viewed, and he also discusses the vlogging community and the communication and participation that occurs in that community. It is interesting to see how some things have changed and developed so much since this video that created less than a year ago. Way to go vlogosphere, you've come a long way and you're still going strong!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Eyes Like A Child Too

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One day, close to a year ago, I ran across some video that was put out by the college I am attending. The video included a lesson on Vlogging given by Aaron Flores. That video lead me to his site at and since then I think I've been "hooked", if you will, on vlogs. The vlogs I have watched have made me laugh, have made me think, have made me realize that people desire community, have made me laugh, and have made me happy to see creativity, design, honesty and so much more (did I mention laughing). Sometimes vlogs can touch your emotions in a different way. One of the posts that, for some reason, struck a cord of my emotion and even brought a tear or two to my eyes was one by Erin at Mom' Brag Vlog called Eyes of Wonder.

I decided to try and catch some of the emotions that I was experiencing at that moment on film as I watched that post of hers over again. This video is some of what I was thinking and feeling. It includes video and music from Erin's original post, from her site posted 11/29/05.

So... vlogs are or can be: funny, serious, informative, heart wrenching, heart warming and so much more. They can be a means of communicating and reaching others. Touching lives through this media....that is cool. To my friends who share on xanga with just the written word and photos and to those who post video and text in the vlogosphere for all to read,hear and see, thanks for sharing.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Wet Feet: My First Video Post!

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After a long day of walking through the snow delivering oil my feet were soaked! I am sure, one day, I'll ask myself: "self, why did you choose to post that video first?". But tonight I just decided to go for it. After all, this is Completely Known.
This vid was shot with my old Kodak digital that only took 30 sec clips. I have since upgraded to a Sony DSCM1 (which I like a lot). I decided that I would use these video clips because it was my first time using editing software and I wasn't really scared to loose this footage if I goofed somehow. Well I learned just a hair about editing today. I most certainly need to learn more about exporting and compression though. I am not comfortable with it at all and I haven't found any premiere elements tutorials as of yet.
Well hope you like it. Its my first. I have definately left room for improvement. This is definately just a test run for me. Oh, I hope you don't mind smelly feet!

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Times a wasting.

Yep, time has been "wasted" on getting my sight tweaked and looking halfway decent to receive videos. I have literally spent hours teaching myself how to change the web page by playing with the codes and looking at source codes from other pages.
What have I learned? What changes have I made? Make and place my own header. Get a link attached to my header. Change color of profile box. Add to extra sections to my side bar(Some More Good Stuff and May I ask you a question?. I have learned to add cool badges that link things. I have learned to space these badges so they aren't on top of each other. I even learned a bit about online status indicators though I haven't chosen to place one on my site as of yet.
Well I think I should stop working on the site and start working on the vids to post on it. So for now the work on my site will come to a stop and video work and learning about where and how to host it all will begin.
Hopefully you'll see me soon.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

I have no idea what I'm doing.....but it appears to be working.

Sleep. That is what I should be doing now. But I decided to take one last peek at those Html thingys and give a shot at working on my sidebar. Yeah!!!! I figured out how to get a freevlog and an Ant badge in on my sidebar.
Fun, Fun, Fun.
Maybe one day soon I'll even get some video up on this site.
That's a goal, I'm shooting for. My friends got a kick outta watching some raw footage on the night of new years. Hopefully I can learn good editing quick and figure out how to get stuff posted. No doubt I'll be watching more of those cool tutorials.

ok time for me to practice a hair of self control by shutting down my laptop, taking Grace out for a walk, reading some from the Bible and then going to bed.

Happy New Year!

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I changed my header.......what is Html anyway???

So I watched this tutorial over at freevlog that walked you through changing your header. It looked so simple. I followed it step by step but then realized we were working with different templates. I, knowing nothing about Html except for what I have experienced today, couldn't figure out (at first) how to get my new jpeg header into the spot I wanted it. I guess Ryanne gave me just enough info to make this Html illiterate person somewhat dangerous regarding my blogger template. [By the way: thanks, folks at freevlog, for all those awesome tutorials.They have been super helpful.]
Seeing as I had a bunch of other things I needed to accomplish today. I laid those things aside and began to play with all the Html code "thingys" until I got my picture to stick in a place I could be fairly happy with. I deleted a bunch of other stuff too like the title and description. Well I hope I didn't do any damage. Things look good to me so far. My journey into Html made me wanna learn some of this language. Especially since I am sure I'd like to do some changes to my side bar. Cool, I like to learn. It'll be fun.
I found a site that I haven't really looked at much yet, to tell the truth, that has to do with Html. Maybe I'll check it out later and see if I can learn anything. I think it is called HTML Goodies. If you could suggest any other places where I could learn about this interesting little computer language especially as relating to changing and improving some of the things on this blogger page I'd appreciate it.
Thanks and good night.

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