Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Got angry today. Angry like I haven't been in a long while. Angry so much that I yelled, no I screamed at a another person. Well that was after he called me an @#%hole and said some other things. I didn't cuss back but instead I rather angrily and loudly told him enough and not to cuss at me like I was his son. I don't like it that I can get this angry. I wish that I could have put up longer with this guys annoyances and insults.

I still get angry. It's ok. I just have to be careful how I act and what I think on when I am angry, so angry that I want to scream, so angry that I truly and physically hurt inside.

This is a part of me. This is part of my letting myself be more completely known by you. I am ugly and scary when I am angry. Watch at your own risk.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006


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I have been thinking about doing a video that shows this feeling for a while. I shot this little clip just trying to catch some everyday moments. I thought it went well just to portray a little piece of loneliness. Even my loneliness.

The music is from a great band called Waterdeep. This song is off of a bootleg album that they sold through their fan club's webstore. Waterdeep encourages their fans to make bootlegs at their live shows and gives permission to make copies of this bootleg CD from Cornerstone Music Festival on 7-3-99 to share with friends. How cool is that!?

track with co.mments

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