Thursday, December 29, 2005

Title for this.....come on now, this don't need no stinkin' title.

Ugg, so much video has been shot but I still haven't figured out my editing software enough to get things put together. So little by little this thing will come together, I guess.
Then again, I do have tons of school work that I seem to keep putting off. And there is that whole relationship with God thing (i don't mean that disrespectfully of course). I really need to work on spending more time there. Discipline, discipline, discipline. I am gonna try going to bed earlier and rising earlier so I can go back to spending time in the morning reading the Word and praying a little. I've been doing kinda junky with keeping a regular devotional time in the afternoon/evening (ok very junky).
I also have a list of some other changes I'd like to make. I guess I could call them resolutions since it is so close to new years. Maybe when I have that list polished I'll post it for the world to see or somehow vlog it.
Here is some info about today I got to talk to a buddy of mine today. We are going through some similar struggles and our focus has been somewhat outta wack. Still it was good to talk. We care about each other like brothers. It was good to hear myself say some things to him that I needed to hear myself. It was good for us to know we aren't alone. I appreciated his honesty and the way he spoke about some of the things he has been experiencing. It was good for us to be there to encourage one another. It is what I wish more Christian folks would do for each other. We just listened, talked, and showed love for each other. It is a beautiful thing, I believe, when that happens.
Later,in an unrelated event, I was able to call the police to break up a domestic dispute for a local guy and his girlfriend. You know, those kinda things just brighten up anyone's day. (feel the sarcasm please) The trooper was able to calm things down and then later I was able to speak to the guy that was involved in the all the fighting. We talked, I listened and gave some advice and hug and hand shake. Believe it or not, I love stuff like what I got to experience today. I mean I really enjoy dealing with conflict in hopes of making peace and bringing about resolution, talking to others, and encouraging others. It encourages me. I could do it all day.
Well its almost bed time. Like I said I'm gonna try to hit the hay a bit earlier. Good-night.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Humble Beginning

So this is it. With this post I begin to blog on blogger. Eventually, the hope is to video blog. I have enjoyed subscribing to the lives of vloggers and watching their posts. Here is my new beginning. Welcome! And may we be completely known.

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