Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Arroz con Habichuelas---Rice with Beans

Rice and beans is really one of my favorites. My Latino heritage probably has a good deal to do with that. It had been a while since I had made rice and beans, I enjoyed eating them so much.This vid is a moment of that experience shared. As for rice and beans or "arroz con habichuela", it is such a simple dish I should really take the time to cook it more often.

The music sampled in this clip is from one of the best salsa bands ever, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. The song is called "El Menu".

Salsa music is great! The songs can often be about love and passion. Something I like about salsa is also that it often tells a story, and often that story is about things in everyday life. In this case the story is about the joys Puerto Rican cookery and all the great flavors it has to offer. "El Menu" is one of El Gran Combos most well know hits. We Puerto Ricans are a passionate bunch. With lots of pride or "orgullo" to go along with it. Great food. Great dancing. Great family. Great music.

To get the "sabor" or taste of Puerto Rican salsa music check out this band that has been cranking out great salsa since the 60's.

PS If you were trying to read my lips near the end of this video and couldn't figure it out I said: "That's good!"

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Muskellunge: Promo # 4 for Carp Caviar

Muskellunge: Carp Caviar Promo 4
Download Quick Time 320x240
Download Quick Time 640x480
Windows Media Version(pop-up)

Must be I've got the promo making bug. It is fun. All I've done is edit some short clips together, add a carp caviar picture or two, put in BottomUnion's link and even tossed in my own. Simple enough. Fun. And, hey, its helping a vlogging brotha out. In the meanwhile I even getting a free plug for myself but self promotion is part of the game it seems too. Go ahead make a promo. You don't even have to know what Carp Caviar is. Just go for it. Check out the loose guidelines for creating a promo here. Then find some of that old footage you weren't sure how you were gonna use and put it to use making a promo. Hey, if you want, get some new footage and make a promo. BottomUnion is hoping for 100 promos. He'll need about 60 more by the end of November to meet this goal. Let the creativity and video roll.

Disclaimer: The ideas, thoughts, and senseless videos that may be seen on Carp Caviar/BottomUnion.com do not necessarily reflect those of my own ideas, thoughts, or senseless videos. Watch us at your own risk. :)

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Flexibility: Another Carp/Completelyknown Promo

Flexibility Carp Caviar Promo
Download Quick Time 320x240
Download Quick Time 640x480
Windows Media Version(pop-up)

One neat thing about videoblogs is that they are there when we want 'em. Anytime day or night we can go to a site or refresh a feed and we've got video when we want it. This goes for the vids over at BottomUnion.com vids and posts over at my own completelyknown.com and content on every other vloggers site. It is neat to have the flexibility to watch and engage in conversation and to do so, in a sense, without the constraints of time.

This is actually my third promo for Carp Caviar. I guess there is something about a challenge that gets me motivated. It is neat that BottomUnion has asked for vloggers to work toward a goal and project. The collaboration side of this is something cool too. I'm grateful for the encouragement to create; it challenges me and gets me making videos.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Carp Caviar Promo

Quick Time 640x480(may take a minute to load not quick start)
Quick Time 640x480(ipod compatible)
Quick Time 320x240

Oh why not. I mean I've caught an occasional carp caviar episode. Some of them I even enjoyed. And boy, those promos....I mean if for nothing else the collaboration and the promos....those are great. So I figured why not. Lets make a promo for Carp Caviar. Here it is. Play it foward or backward. I recommend you try both. Yeah!!!

And don't forget to press control + back arrow for PC when you see the prompt at the end while it is playing.
EDIT: For you Mac users, when you see the prompt to press ctrl and back arrow, please press the apple key + back arrow instead.
Yeah!!! Like spinning a heavy metal record backwards...

Sorry no window files this one is meant only to be played in QT.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

I've Been Vlogged from Denmark.

It had been a while since I attended a videobloggers videoconference flashmeeting. This video was shot by Andreas. During our meeting today.
What was cool about this video was that it was taken with a camera phone. Edited in phone and then posted directly from the phone to Blip.tv within minutes of capture and all via the phone.
I thought I'd post it hear not cause it is a great video but because of how it was posted, cause it includes a clip of me, cause it is a bit random and part of what I did today and cause maybe it can be an introduction or encouragement to you to come and participate in a future flash meeting. Paul of PJKproductions usually schedules these meetings for Saturdays around 2pm eastern and on some Tuesday nights and posts their times and urls on the Vloggers Yahoo Group. Most of the time we discuss videoblogging but sometime it is neat just to talk to other with whom there are common interests.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006


LOST is absolutely the best show ever.
Why, oh why can't it just be on every night? Or even better, downloadable daily? Why can't I know if Kate runs? Why can't I know what happens to Ben? Why can't I know what the smoke monster is all about? What's the deal with Patch the guy on the other side of the screen? Is Sawyer gonna die? I don't want Sawyer dead. Why? What? Why? What? Why? Why?
This is all a beautifully painful. So much drama. So much emotion. So many questions. This is absolutely the best show ever. And yet it is horrible. It is torturous. I feel like a junky wanting my next LOST hit only to find it wasn't enough. NO. It's not enough....give me more. I need more LOST. Disgusting. Beautiful. I don't know. And now I am forced to wait until February.
What's the deal with that!!!
Maybe it is good I won't be seeing it for a while. Maybe I have become a LOST addict. Maybe I'm not the only one. Look at this postcard sent in to Post Secret.
Wait til February. I am forced now. If only I was Jack. If only I could hold the trump card and force the hand of ABC to play the LOST card tonight. To play it soon. To play the whole 16 episodes of Lost, night after night, until the questions get answered. If only......

PS I think Kate is pregnant. This was one of the only episodes of LOST when the foreshadowing that often occurs was not super clear at the end of the show. Part of it today was regarding her not staying put in one place for long but something tells me her intimate evening with Sawyer was maybe set up by the Others, allowed by the Others, hoped for by the Others and that she is now, as would follow the foreshadowing of the flash backs to the pregnancy test, pregnant.

This is unbelievable I don't even like TV anymore. And here I am now watching LOST like this. Coming up with theories and ugh.......none of it is even real.....unbelieveable...

And now I just found a site called Lostpedia. I'll let you check it out. I can't get involved. I'm too attached already.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Test Flight. Laser Vision.

Test Flight. Laser Vision.
Originally uploaded by completelyknown.

Thought I'd try to learn to fly.

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