Sunday, November 19, 2006

Muskellunge: Promo # 4 for Carp Caviar

Muskellunge: Carp Caviar Promo 4
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Must be I've got the promo making bug. It is fun. All I've done is edit some short clips together, add a carp caviar picture or two, put in BottomUnion's link and even tossed in my own. Simple enough. Fun. And, hey, its helping a vlogging brotha out. In the meanwhile I even getting a free plug for myself but self promotion is part of the game it seems too. Go ahead make a promo. You don't even have to know what Carp Caviar is. Just go for it. Check out the loose guidelines for creating a promo here. Then find some of that old footage you weren't sure how you were gonna use and put it to use making a promo. Hey, if you want, get some new footage and make a promo. BottomUnion is hoping for 100 promos. He'll need about 60 more by the end of November to meet this goal. Let the creativity and video roll.

Disclaimer: The ideas, thoughts, and senseless videos that may be seen on Carp Caviar/ do not necessarily reflect those of my own ideas, thoughts, or senseless videos. Watch us at your own risk. :)

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