Monday, January 02, 2006

I changed my header.......what is Html anyway???

So I watched this tutorial over at freevlog that walked you through changing your header. It looked so simple. I followed it step by step but then realized we were working with different templates. I, knowing nothing about Html except for what I have experienced today, couldn't figure out (at first) how to get my new jpeg header into the spot I wanted it. I guess Ryanne gave me just enough info to make this Html illiterate person somewhat dangerous regarding my blogger template. [By the way: thanks, folks at freevlog, for all those awesome tutorials.They have been super helpful.]
Seeing as I had a bunch of other things I needed to accomplish today. I laid those things aside and began to play with all the Html code "thingys" until I got my picture to stick in a place I could be fairly happy with. I deleted a bunch of other stuff too like the title and description. Well I hope I didn't do any damage. Things look good to me so far. My journey into Html made me wanna learn some of this language. Especially since I am sure I'd like to do some changes to my side bar. Cool, I like to learn. It'll be fun.
I found a site that I haven't really looked at much yet, to tell the truth, that has to do with Html. Maybe I'll check it out later and see if I can learn anything. I think it is called HTML Goodies. If you could suggest any other places where I could learn about this interesting little computer language especially as relating to changing and improving some of the things on this blogger page I'd appreciate it.
Thanks and good night.

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