Sunday, December 24, 2006

What Christmas Is All About.

Merry Christmas!

During a recent Christmas party at a friends house Jim was asked to read to us the Christmas Story.

There is much I can say about what the Lord has done through the life of Jim. Jim is a man who lives out what he says he believes. That example has been a factor used to positively impact the lives of people around him. Those lives include the life of a man named Paul who was(and still is) an influence in my life since before I knew Jim. And now Jim has also become a direct influence in my life by his testimony and even by this small reading.

This was a special moment in the evening. This type of thing is not a tradition I celebrated growing up. It may be the first time I'd heard someone read the Christmas story at a Christmas party. Here Jim is reading out of a new copy of the old Geneva Bible that someone had just gifted him. It is a version that has some of those old words in it like créche, that we don't use much today.

This video shares what this Christmas season is all about. It has much less to do with commercialism, obligatory gift giving, and long hours of travel. It has to do with the Baby that was born over 2000 years ago. The Baby who came from afar, freely as a gift to the world. The One who was fully man and fully God; who lived a life without sin and then died for the sins of man that we might be reconciled to God. After three days He rose again. And those who believe him have been graced with forgiveness and life forever with Him.

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Nice video. The content goes without saying, but the quality of the picture is great, too. Did you get a new camera?


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