Wednesday, August 09, 2006 alive?

It has been close to 1 month since the last time I have posted video. That is a long time. I'm not sure exactly the reason for this gap. Maybe a lot of it is laziness; I love to shoot video but am not so crazy about editing and posting it. Maybe some of it has to do with how I would like to put out some higher quality stuff. Maybe some of it has to do with how the communication that I hoped for using this medium is not as smooth or as easy as I was wishing it would be. I guess there could be other reasons too. But I'll not write about them now.

Dennis from Mexico Movies left a comment for me yesterday on my vlog. And it inspired me to post this video I made last night. The comment was: " alive?"

I was glad that the comment wasn't "Dude....where's the video" or "Dude....come on you need to post something". I don't know if that was what Dennis meant. But, I would like to think that Dennis was just a bit more concerned about me as a person than he was concerned about the media I make. I was reminded that this vlogging can still be about people and about relationships. That like Steve Garfield reminded us when we subscribe to someone's vlog we are subscribing to a person.

Dennis thanks for asking if I am alive. Thanks for taking the time out to ask and let me know you noticed I hadn't been a posting as I normally do. Thanks man. And thanks to everyone else too who has had me in their prayers or thoughts. I really am thankful for you all.

Music in this post is from one of my favorite groups Waterdeep. You can find this whole song for free on their site by joining their fan club. Or you can purchase the CD Everyone's Beautiful which includes this song here. Or do a search for them on in the internet archive. Waterdeep likes it when fans make bootlegs of their live shows and share them with their friends you'll be pleasantly surprised with all the cool Waterdeep stuff you can find in the archive.

track with co.mments


At Wednesday, August 09, 2006 9:29:00 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

Good to see you're still alive. Thanks for letting us know. You've been missed.

At Wednesday, August 09, 2006 9:48:00 PM, Blogger Lan Bui said...

Yeah, you have been missed.

It is great to see you again.

At Thursday, August 10, 2006 10:38:00 AM, Blogger Erin said...

Dude! You're alive! Yes, people do notice when their friends are silent for awhile. Hope all is well. I've missed you too. Great idea for a video too! I liked the effects, and the picture of you at the end coming into focus showing us that yes, indeed, you are alive! ;)

At Thursday, August 10, 2006 12:46:00 PM, Blogger JuanFalla said...

I know what you mean. A few months back we didn't post for over 4 weeks, and people began writing to see if we were OK. That was interesting.

I'm glad you're "still alive" ...dude.

At Friday, August 11, 2006 10:47:00 PM, Blogger Trevor and Dan Productions said... win...I got a blogger.

Could you help me add some specialized stuff to my page? I need a sensei to help me hone my html kung fu.

Check it out....

Thanks man,


At Saturday, August 12, 2006 7:16:00 AM, Blogger Betcea said...

Great Post Anthony! I loved the video

At Saturday, August 12, 2006 2:28:00 PM, Blogger missbhavens said...

Yup, glad you're still alive!

August is a very slow videoblogging month for us all, it would seem...

At Saturday, August 12, 2006 2:54:00 PM, Blogger Chuck Leggett said...

This video is featured in Vlog Gumbo 5.

At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 7:01:00 AM, Blogger Trevor and Dan Productions said...

There's just something about this's so well made...yet so simple. This is the style I wish I could go for...and I might...very soon.


At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 7:14:00 AM, Blogger Killer B said...

Everyone seems to be having second thoughts about everything lately. Plus, what fun is being at a computer when the sun is so bright outside? I like the video and hope to see more but never at the expense of happiness elsewhere.

At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 11:15:00 PM, Anonymous David said...

Glad you are still kicking around out there. Missed seeing new videos from ya. Be well and take care.

At Tuesday, August 22, 2006 5:50:00 PM, Blogger Carl Weaver said...

Anthony, you are one of the most thoughtful, philosophical, warm people I ever met. There is something "right" about the videos you make. I am glad you are alive and well.



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