Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What I do instead of edit video.

So instead of editing I have found a bunch of other things to take up my time ie doing silly stuff like this mohawk. I want to get video posted. I want to share. I want you to watch. I really do. I will post soon not cause I have to but cause I want to. Thank you all for sharing with me. I have been watching you and am getting better on commenting since I know how encouraging it can be. I really enjoy this community. I enjoy participating and communicating. I enjoy connecting. You all enjoy it too. It is evident. You work hard to get vids posted. To share you thoughts, your ideas, your hard work, your lives. Thanks again.
Lately I have been mostly being lazy but have done some stuff. I am caught up on every episode of lost to date (itunes is a curse and a blessing). I have joined 3 videoblog groups on yahoo.....boy do they generate a lot of mail. I have helped at least 2 others get blogs going and have gotten one fine young fellow to host some of his video on blip and get it up on his Xanga. I am really excited about that. I have enjoyed participating in the video blogging video conferences on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The conferences are great fun and can be pretty informative. Save the time and join in on the conversation and community. I have been working a tiny bit on a new blog/vlog that will showcase vids and vlogs and other things that I am watching. That site is called whatchawatchin. I've been learning about firefox, gmail, trillian embedding video, and looking into the possibility of a small amount of advertising especially for my other newer site. In the mean while I work my 40 or so hours a week driving truck. I also continue on my journey of finding a church home and connecting with that community.

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At Thursday, March 09, 2006 2:52:00 AM, Blogger Becca said...

Hey Anthony,

I just stumbled upon your vlog and decided to check it out. I'll definitely have a look around. You're a Christian? Cool, me too.

I'll TTYL :-)


At Thursday, March 09, 2006 5:10:00 PM, Blogger Erin said...

Cool do!! Editing is highly overrated :) I often get more comments on the videos that I've hardly played with at all, and then the ones I spend hours on, don't get comments. Go figure. Sometimes you just gotta post ;) Glad you like the videoconferences... I really hope to join in one of these days.


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